‘Marrying One Wife, Will Make Other Women Useless’ - 9ice


9ice has got something to say on man marrying more than one wife. In an interview with Ebony Life TV the singer says marrying one woman makes other women useless because we have more women than men.

“We have more women currently. If one man marries just one wife, other women will be useless,” he said.
“I’m a product of a polygamous family that is why I am also productive; because there are more women than men, it would be unfair if a man marries one wife.” he added.

9ice is a father of four with three different women. His first wife, Toni Payne gave birth to his first child, a boy named Zion, Victoria Godis has a set of twin for him and while his new lover, Sunkanmi Ajala (pictured above) has a daughter for him.

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