Must Read: See How 15 Nigerian Celebrities’ Live Their Secondary School Life (No 13 Will Shock You)


Ever wondered the type of life these Nigerian celebrities we see today lived while in secondary school? Well, I know, and I have compiled them with exact words that describes them each. Number 9 is the most accurate!

  Read below:

1. Omotola Jalade-Ekeindeomotola-jalde-ekeinde-2

Assistant head-girl
Fine AF
Wants to be the first female president


2. Genevieve NnajiGenevieve-Nnaji
 Head girl, Very mean Too peng

3. Dareydarey

Head boy
Loved by students and teachers
Doesn’t know how to not slay 

4. Don JazzyDon-Jazzy

Class clown
School daddy when he’s not trolling
Low-key bully

5. Tiwa Savagetiwa-savage

Transferred from a posh private school Biggest babe in school Fights off bullies with class.

6. WizkidWizKid

Rolls with the big boys, Very rude and lacks home training, Comes first every term

7. Seyi Shay3-Seyi Shay-OnoBello

Does plenty shakara Disgraced herself on the assembly a few times, Likes to copy the coolest senior in school

8. Sean Tizzlesean tizzle

Likes to act like he’s smart  Low-key, Olodo Some teachers like him

 9. Burna Boy

Used to represent the school in competitions Joined bad gang, Popular among the clique of dirty boys 


10. Cynthia Morgan

Always on the list of noisemakers
Gets in trouble for fighting someone
That annoying girl in class

 11. DavidoDavido

Always has the latest MP3 Player
His daddy can buy the whole school
Doesn’t talk to “poor people”

12. Yemi Alade.

Social prefect
She’s friends with everybody
Comes up with a shocking hairstyle every week

13. Olamide Baddoo

Sits at the back
Very likable
Trouble maker

14. Tuface

Community school daddy
Your girlfriend is his second girlfriend
Assembly prefect

15. BankyW

Doesn’t joke with his “teddy”
Has a girlfriend in almost every class
He’s a very loyal and supportive friend

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