See 10 Most Shocking Nollywood MakeUp Transformations (See Photos)




Nollywood is growing in leaps and bounds.

Gone are the days when you watch a Nollywood movie and you can spot errors. Errors like a ghost having a shadow or a ghost looking both ways before crossing the road etc.

That time has is gone. Special effects makeup in Nollywood movies has greatly improved with many Nigerians branching specializing in such fields.

One of the most popular special effects makeup artist is Hakeem Onilogbo. His work speaks volume. From dismembered body parts to creating a white man from a black woman, Hakeem is truly doing wonders in Nollywood.

Check out 10 most shocking Nollywood makeup transformations:

1. Young Woman to Old


2. Middle Aged to Old Man


3. Young man to Albino


4. Dark-skinned Girl to “Oyibo pepper”


5. Black woman to White Man


6. Black woman to White Woman


7. Acid bath victim


8. Woman to Wole Soyinka


9. Disfigured Girl


10. Middle Aged to Old Woman

 Is Nollywood getting better or not? drop your comments below....


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