Here's 14 Lessons You’ll Learn From Jenifa On Jenifa’s Diary (Must Read)




Jenifa’s Diary is undoubtedly one of the biggest local TV shows in Nigeria right now.

I mean, a show that won awards at the AMVCA 2016 for best male and female in a comedy TV show (Falz and Funke Akindele) must be doing something right yeah?
Unfortunately, not everyone started watching when it debuted on live TV and so we have to update our records thanks to Iroko TV. Currently, we just started watching the third season of Jenifa’s Diary (we’re done with 1 and 2) and it’s amazing.
But before we go on to other seasons, here’s what Jenifa has taught us, at least from watching her for two seasons.

1. Believe in your slay

Jenifa was like the queen of colour block until she had a life-changing experience literally but as a colour block queen, she never failed to ooze confidence on a regular. Goals!

2. Be generous

Even as a debtor, she regularly gave Toyo baby cuts from her hairdressing business. Major key you know!


3. Be a great actor

Who knew when to act to collect extra money from Adio before leaving Ayetoro? It’s Jenny baby! Who even made Annie think she was dating her man just for her to change her ways? Our own Jenny baby!

4. Be grounded when it comes to insults

If there’s anything Jenifa taught us well, it’s to know you’ll always have enemies including ‘pankere wo gown’ and you should know how to deal with them Ayetoro style.

5. Be a nice friend

Toyo and Kiki would have died countless times if not for Jenifa’s pot of jollof rice. Not to talk about all the free hairdo they got from the international hairdresser, Jenny. Not to forget Cordelia who Jenifa spent her free day at work with.

6. Shoot your shot

You see someone you like? Forget pride and shoot your shot like Jenifa did with Mr. Willy Willy Williams. It may not always hit but at least you won’t feel bad that you never tried.

7. Stand up for what is right

Jenifa may just be a human right activist in her previous life. Remember when she stood for Kiki when her man was abusing her? Or when she stood for herself against the popular Isioma over the bucket of water?

8. A little self-love never hurt anybody

Feeling unloved? Give yourself a treat sometimes like Jenifa did when she sent herself cakes and a card from ‘Banky W’. Don’t go that extreme shaa.

9. Practice your hustle

See, know your selling point and always be ready to make a living out of it. Jenifa started with hair dressing and from what we saw in trailers and spoilers, it may just be taking her to the peak.

10. Sacrifice for what you want

Not all things come easy you know? Sometimes, you have to work for it. Even if it means doing new things like jogging and wearing body magic, sacrifice few minutes of pain for pleasure.

11. Know when to be petty and laugh at enemies

After dealing with them Ayetoro style as we highlighted earlier, then know how to throw shade and laugh at them like when she found out where Mercy actually stayed. Oh snap, Amarachukwu we meant.

12. Be excited about freebies

LOL, I know right! But Jenifa’s freebie face is one of the best things ever. Remember when Sasha gave her free dresses and upgraded her wardrobe or even when Annie told her to come to the boutique and pick free clothes. Common.

13. Be on your grind

After practising your hustle, you gatts stay ahead of your game oh. And Jenifa does it all the damn time. She tries to get to work on time and has her lips on the mouth of every customer. Jenny teach us your ways.

14. Dance

Because a little happy never kill anybody. Dance like a mad woman and join words to make sense even when you don’t want to.


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