Is Love Really Blind? 'Small Man' Utibe Marries Beautiful Precious Uzoka (See Photos)


I hear things like, 'no girl wants to marry a man who doesn't have money' and I just laugh. Such talks should just tell you the level of ignorance some ladies are swimming in. No wonder many can't stay in marriage. Their one and only focus is money. Funny enough, most of them can't even work to make it.

Please ladies, money is the least of consideration in marriage. First, pray that the man you want to marry is one that is good for your life and destiny. Also look at his antecedents; where he was, where he is and where he is going to. The crazy focus on TODAY, how much can he give to me, will only land you in troubles and make your marital life miserable. Build a life and enjoy it in peace, stop looking for "instant gratification" before you destroy your future with your own hands.

Long story short, some girls are now saying this beautiful lady married this guy because, they believe, he has plenty money. The first thing that comes to the mind of ladies of easy virtues is MONEY.


'Small man', Engr. Utibe Oton and his beautiful wife, Precious Uzoka got married last week in Umudimagu a community in Ideato South area of Imo State. The important thing is if they love themselves genuinely and are ready to work as husband and wife to 'build a life', no matter if he's rich or not. 

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