Must Read: See 5 Signs You’re Falling In Love (NO 4 Is So True)


The only thing better than being in love is falling in love. Everything feels new, you aren’t quite sure if it’s really love yet, and you start waiting to see who’s finally going to say it out loud first. It’s the best. Soak up every sickly sweet minute of it.

1. You talk about things you’ll do together in the future , without realizing you’re talking about the future


So it’s okay to talk about your future plans, how you’re gonna go to FilmHouse cinemas for a movie weekend or visit Elegusi beach, cause you know he’s gonna be around to go with you.

2. When you say, “I Miss You”, it’s because you really do miss the person after only a day apart.


 It’s not just a cute thing to say, it’s a real ache that says he’s a part of your life now.


3.You can’t remember the last time you thought about your ex.


Things with your guy now are so good you can’t be bothered with whatever is in the past.


4. Things you usually hate seem OK – and even fun – if you’re doing them with the person

Riding a horse at Elegusi beach when you’re scared of the beastly animal but as long as he’s riding with you at the back, you’ve got nothing to worry about.


5. You’re comfortable with making little sacrifices for him.



You wouldn’t put off your responsibilities for him, but if he’s sick and needs you to help take care of him instead of going to work one morning, you’re totally cool with that.



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