OMG!!! Nigerian Has Been Rank 15th Most Dangerous Country In The World See Details (Must Read)


The year 2016 has been bad for Nigeria image both home and diaspora, recently a United State Of American Analysis released a list of most corrupt countries in the world leaving Nigeria as Number One.

Like it wasn’t enough, Global Peace Index has just released a report on global ranking of countries according to their level of danger.
Some African countries are among the most affected by war, terrorism and political instability. Nigeria was ranked the 15th most dangerous country in the world. This year’s report, published on June 8 by the Institute for Economics and Peace, assessed 163 nations. According to the report, the countries which became more violent in the last one year include Yemen, Ukraine, Turkey, Libya, and Bahrain.

Meanwhile, Panama, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Mauritania became considerably more peaceful, showing signs of impressive improvements compared to last year. Below are the most dangerous countries:

14.North Korea
12. Democratic Republic of the Congo
11. Pakistan
10. Libya
9. Sudan
8. Ukraine
7. Central African Republic
6. Yemen
5. Somalia
4. Afghanistan
3. Iraq
2. South Sudan
1. Syria


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