See What happened After Anna Ebiere Breaks Up With Flavour (Photos)


Anna Ebiere breaks up with Flavour – Anna Ebiere reveals she has ended her relationship with Flavour. Anna gave birth to a child for the music star last year and had regularly spent nights and days at his Lekki residence – both when he is around and when he is not.  

Speaking on her relationship with Flavour in an interview with SDK, Anna says, “First of all,Flavour and I are no longer together”. 

“Secondly, my post has/had nothing to do with flavour. It was just a beautiful write up that made sense to me and i decided to share it with my fans.” 

“Yes we are no longer together. I made this decision recently. I spoke to myself and decided it was time to move on and focus on my future and career,” she added Anna says herself and Flavour are still friends despite the breakup. She said, 

“I and flavour are still very good friends. Chinedu is a very nice person with a big heart.  We talk about almost everything. I respect him a lot because he is a good person. He has been an awesome father to his child and i respect him for that. He goes extra length to make his daughter happy. He has a beautiful soul.” 

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