Shocking News! See How Man’s Pe.nis ‘Breaks’ During S*.x, See What He Did During S*.x That Caused It (Must read)


An Indian man was rushed to hospital with a broken p!.nis after hearing a loud snap during vigorous s*.x. The 32-year-old said that he heard a snapping sound while having s*.x, then felt a sharp pain in his manhood.
He was rushed to hospital in New Delhi for tests, by which point his p!.nis had turned completely black. Doctors carried out ultrasound tests of the broken p!.nis which was bent at an unnatural angle.
New Delhi doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences call the case an eggplant deformity. The man was found to have torn tissues along the right hand side of his p!.nis, known as corpus cavernosum.
These two lengths of tissue on either side form the majority of the pe.nis. When a man gets an ere.ction, blood rushes to the tissue, which makes the p!.nis hard.
During an ere.ction, the pe.nis can fracture if it is hit with blunt force. This can happen during vigorous s*.x or mas.turbation.

This happened to the Indian man, whose corpus cavernosa tore at the tip and bled, causing his p!.nis to swell and turn black. After scans, doctors rushed him into emergency surgery.
The excess blood was drained from his pe.nis before doctors mended the fracture. Penile fractures can cause other problems in the future.
Those who have suffered fractures often have erectile dysfunction because blood cannot properly flow to the tissue.
This is because of the scar tissue that will form as the p!.nis heals and there is also a possibility that there could be nerve damage.
There have been 1,600 reported cases of a fractured p!.nis worldwide since 1924. That averages out at 16 incidents a year.
Researchers in Brazil have discovered that the “woman on top” or “cowgirl” position has caused half of penile fractures. In comparison, “do.ggy style” has caused 29 per cent, and “missionary” is responsible for 21 per cent of fractures.


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