So Lovely! See The Top 5 Easy Steps To Get This Amazing Ankara Shorts (See Photos)


Do you want Ankara shorts but don’t want to sew it?

I’ve got the perfect thing for you. With how unreliable our Naija tailors are, making Ankara shorts yourself becomes a no-brainer.

Before you think I’m about to give you tailoring lessons, there is no sewing machine involved. You just need Ankara material, jean shorts, needle, thread and metal buttons.
Here’s how you get this awesome Ankara shorts:

Step one

Make a tracing of your back pockets and the front part of your shorts on a paper. Then cut the paper tracing till it fits your pockets and front shorts part.

Step Two

Use the paper tracing to cut out a portion of the Ankara. Make sure you leave a little space on the Ankara piece so you can fold it.

Step Three

Fold the Ankara material until it is  the same size as your pockets and the front part of your jeans. Then iron the Ankara pieces.

Step Four

Separate your metal buttons. Use the needle and thread to sew one portion onto your jean pockets and any other area you will be attaching the Ankara material to. Sew the second bit onto your Ankara material.

Step Five

Attach your Ankara material to your shorts. Viola! Instant Ankara shorts.

 You can thank me later after you follow this steps!

Watch the video below!


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