Just In! Kemi Olunloyo Reacts to Her Father's Visit to Pastor Adeboye (Must Read)


Kemi Olunloyo has come out to say her father did not apologise to Pastor Adeboye, despite pictures and other obvious evidences. Below is her reaction to her dad's meeting with Pastor Adeboye:

'Ok stop spamming my page I'm aware of my father attending Adeboye's church. Don't u think I will be the first to know? He has not stepped into a church in 35 yrs and is not religious. Pls read what she said to Punch 2013 about Adeboye's church when defending me on my views of men or God. 

He (my father) simply asked Adeboye to pray for him after I saved him from his past world of ritualism his late mother and concubine introduced him to. 

My dad is no longer into that. I told my story in a 10 chapter documentary with emotional facts that personally freed me.

Meanwhile notice the third paragraph of the write up exactly like the FAKE PT article word for word. My dad did not go to apologize to Adeboye for my factual write ups. He was there invited as one of the Oyo state dignitaries invited to the opening of the new church. The write up I read online was laughable saying Adeboye did not know what he was talking about. 

Ironically my brother is a Pastor in Adeboye's London church and I was told his wife always ask why I "attack" men of God. She even says I'm welcome anytime to their church so how won't the husband know what I'm talking about if that was true.

Lies everywhere. My dad never said a word about me in that church. Now lets wait to see pics of Obasanjo, TB Joshua and Jide Kosoko visits. You ppl aint serious. SPARE ME THE RHETORIC. #hnnreligion

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