Must Read: What If Nnamdi Kanu Becomes The President Of Biafra Republic, Will You Throw Your Support Behind?


Following the successful outcome of the June 23 referendum which paved the way for Britain to withdraw its membership of the European Union the Indigenous People of Biafra at the launched a campaign on Biafra referendum tagged Biafrexit. guest contributor Eedris Ngene shares his views on the possible outcomes of the referendum on Biafra in Nigeria.
During referendums, a lot of lies are told, a lot of emotions are raised, and propaganda is spread like wide fire and expectations for those wanting out of a union is raised.
After the Brexit win in UK, many of the campaigners who convinced people to vote out have suddenly denied some promises and other issues they said would be solved if United Kingdom exited the European Union. What if Biafra becomes a success by next week Let Me Be The Bad Guy! Let us agree for a second that Biafra becomes a success by next week and Mr Nnamdi Kanu is released from jail.
Do you honestly think a small boy from United Kingdom will become the President of Biafra- either you are delusional or you do not know how politics works.
You think all the top shots (business tycoons, politicians et al) will allow him become the president? You think big politicians in so called independent Biafra that were part of the Nigerian system (senators, governors etc) will allow a small boy that came from London to head their new nation?
Another spoiler alert: Let us now agree that Mr Nnamdi decides not to become the leader of Biafra, do you think politicians in Biafra will simply hand over power to one person without a fierce fight among themselves and possibly causing chaos and mayhem in the process?
But since I am a very positive and optimistic human being, let us now believe for a second that when Biafra succeeds in exiting Nigeria-getting a new leader will go well and perhaps the big politicians and militants in the region will simply shake hands, hug, kiss and then hand over power to one person.
Let us accept it will happen that way. What happens afterwards? Reality check! Igbo’s are one of the tribes in Nigeria that hardly stay in their region.
They are either in south-west, north, south-south or elsewhere doing business than remaining in their region. Millions of Igbo’s are spread across Nigeria with some not returning for years while other’s have had kids in another region without their children ever setting foot in Igbo land even when they reach adulthood.
So what plans are there in place for the millions of Igbo’s spread across Nigeria that will probably be deported immediately? Here are few of the many problems an Independent Biafra will have: 1. Unemployment: What plans does Biafra have for millions of their people (probably half of their population) returning back to Biafra from other regions?
And what plans is there for those with existing unemployment that have been in the region? In the case of an independent Biafra, every Igbo staying in different region will lose their jobs, shops, houses etc.
They might be able to reclaim it afterwards when the heat settles and immigration process is agreed between regions in Nigeria and Biafra but then again, that will take so many years.
2. Housing crisis: how does an independent Biafra propose to accommodate influx of Biafran refugees coming in from other regions? At this current state, not everyone in south-east owns a house, so how do they plan to house millions of refugees?
Or compensate them? Igbo houses and properties across Nigeria are worth billions of naira and they will probably lose most of it. Don’t the agitators care about their brothers plight.
3. Militancy: It is no news that there is grave this unity between Igbo’s and other tribes and even among Igbo’s themselves.
So if succession of Biafra becomes a success today; there will be fierce disagreement between Igbo’s and other tribes. The militant in the Niger Delta region will also want to keep their oil and that means living a Biafran state poor without money to run her affairs.
4. Food crisis: It is no secret that the North supplies most needed food to the south-east and other part of the country.
This can further be proven to be true by analyzing how every time there is low cultivation in the North (rice, tomato, etc). Nigeria will experience high food price across the country or shortages in some case.
An independent Biafra will probably live on food aid from United Nations and other donor countries until they stand on their own and just like Somalia that depends on aid. Biafra will also face such food crisis because Biafra can never be given aid will ever be enough for millions of Biafra but let’s agree Biafra have money to buy food.
How fast can they resolve their Oil crisis with Niger Delta so that they can swap oil for food with countries willing to do so? The above listed are just the minor problems Biafra is likely to have but here are the worst case scenario that might happen: -War due to disagreement among Biafrans -Famine due to lack of food.
-Deaths from war and famine. This isn’t scare mongering rather they are many points to consider before committing oneself into self-destruction or suicide.

Nigeria may not be perfect but it is our country Many have sacrificed a lot for the nation and if you feel gaining independent will make you better, perhaps you need to re-think harder. You complain of under development yet it is one of your own (governors etc) that run your states.
If places like Lagos, Kano etc can be developed (to some extent) by their governors, then ask yours’ questions and stop exporting your anger to where it shouldn’t be and start channeling it to the right source.
You complain of marginalization yet you have absolute equal rights like every other Nigerian to own properties, study, get jobs and free movement.
What marginalization do you talk about? Not having an Igbo president? I thought in a democracy you get a president by voting and not by demanding it. I thought a democracy deals with voting in majority of people’s choice, do you then expect an Igbo man to be appointed president out of pity?
Perhaps you need to go back and learn what marginalization truly is. What would you do in Biafra when every tribe complains for not having a president from their tribe?
Even US only recently had one black president since the creation of United States. The truth is that the main reason why most of the agitators campaign for an independent state isn’t because they truly believe Biafra would be a success more than Nigeria but rather they want Biafra because they are simply haters and intolerant human being who want to stay on their own (interacting with the agitators will show you how much hate they have for other tribes).
However, I believe not all of the agitators have such hate-some agitators have certain interesting reasons for wanting out but most definitely don’t.
They say: ‘a word is enough for the wise’ but in the world of today, thousands of words and warning means nothing to many because we live in a world where people enjoy believing lies and living in a fantasy they know is far from reality.
I do not support Biafra succession because I believe that millions of lives would be ruined and once this is done, there is no turning back. However, sometimes I wished Biafra became independent so that the agitators spreading hate can go and realize many tribes in Nigeria are not begging anyone to stay in the union.


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  1. we'll not, by god grace he'll neva become a president


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