OMG!!! 8-Year-Old Boy Goes Extra Mile To Help His Sick Father. See What He Did (See Photos)


Eight-year-old Cao Yinpeng from Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province, wanted to do everything he could to save his father’s life, including gaining extra 15 kilograms. Yinpeng’s father, Cao Lei, had been diagnosed with leukemia in January and the family was in desperate search of a bone marrow match. And though Yinpeng was a match, he was “too thin” for the procedure, according to the doctors. He needed to gain almost 15 more kilograms.

After learning from his mother that “only he could save dad’s life,” Yinpeng started a weight-gaining plan that required him to gain the extra kilos in only two months. And while he added more dietary supplements to his daily meals, Yinpeng also continued to exercise to make sure he remained healthy. And he was successful.

Within a few weeks’ time, Yinpeng’s weight surged from 30 kilograms to 46.5 kilograms. And after the hospital confirmed that he met all the requirements, the father and son underwent the surgery on July 6. Both of them are in stable condition, according to the hospital.

Yinpeng’s mother, Zhang Lin, said she was touched by her son’s courage.
But after the surgery, Yinpeng is now on another mission – this time to lose weight. After that, Yinpeng said he is excited for the family holiday his father had promised. They’ll be flying to Australia, and Yinpeng said he “looks forward to meeting the kangaroos.”


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  1. That was amazing....The kid is an example to follow


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