OMG!!! See How Woman Dies After Asking Boyfriend To Strangle Her During S*x (Must See)


A adolescent woman called Tania Trinidad Paredes was a analyst by profession. She kept awe-inspiring choices afore her acquaintance while accepting a hardcore s*x which went amiss on her and led to her death. 

Her asleep anatomy was spotted a day afterwards in her apartment. The cops arrested the man who accurate the act. Then the man who tells his name as Juan Javier Torres appear some abominable secrets about this incident.Follow the column to apperceive about it. 

She was having s*x with her boyfriend who was also her roommate. That was the time, she demanded something weird.



She asked him to slap her and also strangle her with a cable.



She wanted to make it a hardcore sex which ultimately took her breath away and she was found dead in her house.




The man was being imprisoned and asked several questions about the tragic incident.



He appear that they were complex in a leash back she capital to be deadened and slapped. The guy begin a cable kept abreast the bed and throttled her. 


He squeezed it hard and accidently killed her.


Asphyxiation and a broken neck have been reported as the cause of death.








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