OMG!!! See Restaurant Where Ladies Serve Food With Bare Bre’asts (See Photos)


Many people have been rushing to a newly opened restaurant in Berlin where ladies serve food half-n*ked and exposing their breasts.

The restaurant where nude girls serve you meals

A restaurant where ladies serve customers food exposing their bare breasts launched in Berlin this week. The pop-up Black Cat eatery in Berlin has been attracting customers from far and wide with its unique offerings.

Diners are treated to meals served by n*de Playboy model Sarah Joelle, 26, and beautiful German actress Micaela Schafer, 32, and they can even have their food for free if they are prepared to strip-off too.
But even if you are not quite ready to go all out and take your undies off, a free drink is given to anyone happy to dine topless. The innovative idea has proved to be a success as many people have trooped to the restaurant, including local celebs even popping down when it first opened.
Trader Sven, 42, and bookbinder Simone, 36, who are into the Berlin swinging scene, were some of the first people to try it out.
Sven said: “When something like this is offered (free) we obviously want to take part. We have no problem with nudity.”
Another punter restaurant chef and art collector Karl Kinsky, 37, told German website Berliner Zeitung:“Nudity brings looseness. For me this is what makes art. And I support any form of art.”
London has also been quick to tap into the trend for dining in the buff.
The Bunyadi opened this summer and offers people the chance to eat natural food while in their most natural form – totally starkers.
See another photo below...

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