PLEASE HELP – My Wife Forces Me To Have Se*x With Her Almost 8 Times A Day….What Should I do?


I recently married this beautiful 24 years old Lady about 4 months ago. We married in a church and the wedding was great. Our honeymoon was also great.

She is always demanding s*x.. When i say NO she would romance and seduce me so much that i have no choice but to give in up to 8 times a day. Especially weekends.

During the working days, she would ensure we Reproduce at least 3 times in the morning before she leaves for work and up to 3 times at Night before we sleep and sometimes in the car in traffic as our work places are very close so we leave together.

I am getting tired of this. The day she came visiting to my work place.. we had s3x there in my office. I dont know whats in her head right now i need help. Please help me.

I reported to her family they have ignored my complaints.. She is a very young, beautiful and irresistible girl so i can barely control my self even when i do not want it. I threatened to divorce her, she said i cannot divorce her just like that. She is right, i cannot. I wont dare judging by the family she is coming from. An iron born family.

I am now angry, sad, and confused.. She is even sleeping by my side as i type this i am sure by 5:00am tomorrow, another round.


  1. You are just lucky my guy....Just keep enjoying

  2. dont divorse her please, she is right, you are d onli one dat is legal to her to demand for sex, if u declain her whr wil she go, oboy jst continue.


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