14 things men REALLY think while having Doggy-Style s*x (MUST READ)


Things men REALLY think while having Doggy-Style sex – And they AREN’T holding back. A lot of people love doggy style. It’s fun because it stimulates so many areas and also feels a little bit extra naughty. But it’s also not the most elegant of sex positions and it leads to a whole lot of stuff going on in our brain.

Many women see doggy style as a bit controversial because it’s a position in which the man does not have to look at the woman’s face. “This creates a disconnect between the two partners and enables each of them to imagine they are having sex with someone else, if they choose to do so. That’s why I always remind men to make sure they make a women feel connected to them in this position in small ways,”says sexpert, Scott Brown. So what ARE men thinking during doggy style? We did a bit of research to get to the bottom (no pun intended!) of it all. 

1. [I’m] thinking about the sexual act happening on [my] penis and what [I] can visually see in front of [me], instead of thinking about the woman as a whole,” says Brown.



2. “When I’m doing doggystyle, I am always turning a girl’s head around so that I can see her. I don’t want her to think that just because we’re doing this particular position that I am not there with her, focused on her, and wanting her to be having a good time,” says Brown.

3.  “I will usually gently (or sometime aggressively, depending on the girl) grab her hair and turn her head towards me so I can see her and she can see me. Even if we connect eyes for only a few seconds and then she turns her head back to a forward position, at least we connected there and ‘checked in’ on each other,” says Brown.   

4. “Her butthole looks kinda weird… Is that a hemorrhoid?” says Brian Sloan, inventor of theAutoblow 

5. “Where did I put those kneepads from seventh grade street hockey?” says Billy Procida, a comedian and host of the Manwhore Podcast.  

6. “Holy sh*t! I should have switched to one knee years ago!” says Procida 

7. “This would be a great way to watch Netflix — oh never mind, I just came…” says Procida. 

8. “Wow. She really, really likes having her hair pulled. I wonder if this part of a much, much larger issue,” offers Tom Miller, YourTango Coordinating Video Producer. 

9. “I’m glad we started with her, because I’m only last like two more seconds doing it this way,” says Miller.  

10. “I’m not going to last much longer. This is going to be a mess, I should ask her where she wants it,” says Miller.  

11. “Maybe we should switch to lazy-on-the-side-sex. I really need to exercise more,” says Miller.  

12. “I wish she’d just stop moving. How many times would she have stepped on my feet if we were dancing? Maybe if I grab her hips harder. Yup. That did it,” says Miller.

13.  “From this angle, her lower back, hips and butt sorta look like an erect dick with her spine as the vein. This doesn’t make me gay, does it? Oh, well back to work,” says Miller.


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