5 WAYS A LADY CAN IMPRESS HIS MAN ON BED, number ~4 ~ will make a man go crazy about you


So what kinds of things should you do to make sure he enjoys it? Glad you asked.

1. Wetter is better: When trying to please your man in bed with or al s*x, you'll find that using lots of sal iva is something that he likes very much. Why? Because
when you give your man a really wet one, it feels more sensual and just provides better stimulation.

2. Focus on the tip: When trying to please a guy by giving him oral, you may feel like you need pay equal amounts of attention to his entire penis. The truth is
you shouldn't. The top is far more sensitive than the rest of it, which means it's more pleasing to him to
have the top stimulated more than the rest of it.

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3. Finishing up: When you are trying to figure out how please a man in bed, you may feel like checking out some pornography. You'll notice that in a lot of
scenes, the man finishes on the girl's chest, neck, butt or face. This is not something you or your man may necessarily like, but it's a great way to show him that you are willing to try new things to keep your s*x life interesting.

4. Change up your s*x positions.

If you are just starting to figure out how to please your man in bed, then it's important that you are aware that nothing kills your s*x life faster than
routine. I say this again and again because it's so true. Most couples only ever use two to six different s*x positions. If you want to know how to please your man in bed,
then you need to learn some new positions to use on him (as well as continuing to use the ones that you
both enjoy). Here are a few to get you started:
The Washing Machine Position: In this s*x position, you will be standing and leaning right over a washing machine or a table or even over the hood of a car. Your man will be standing too and will enter you
from behind.


The Lap Dance Position: In this position, your man will be sitting down on a chair or sofa. You then need to back up onto him with your butt so that he can
enter you. The reason that it's called the lap dance position is because you can smoothly transition to s*x from giving your man a lap dance.

5. Show him you're excited to sleep with him. 

The last thing I want to talk to you about and teach you when learning how to please your man in bed is your attitude. It's how you approach s*x with your man.
Do you approach s*x with him like it's a chore that you can't wait to get over with? Or are you enthusiastic about trying new positions, tips, tricks,
tactics and techniques in bed with your man? Whatever your attitude is now doesn't matter. The key is changing it so that you become more enthusiastic and eagerly look forward to getting
se xual with your man. 


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