Breaking News: Yoruba Elders rise from a meeting, declare Buhari persona non grata, say 'We regret not re-electing Goodluck Jonathan'


PARIS, AUGUST 5, 2016: (DGW) As Nigerians are getting frustrated at every turn over hunger, deprivations by the ongoing economic hardship under the Buhari-led administration Yoruba Elders have finally broken their silence over the role they role they played for contributing immeasurably to the electoral victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 presidential election.

Reports reaching DailyGlobeWatch say that the southwest leaders are particularly unhappy with the President over his lopsided appointments which, they say, constitutes a grave danger to the country's fragile unity.
Our source disclosed that key positions have been allotted to the Muslim north while the dregs are shared sparingly among other regions and this say is a crushing blow to the southwest on whose back the President. 
The leaders are particularly angry with Buhari over his lop-sided appointments into key positions, which they feel was a big blow to the South west region.
In an email message to our Paris newsroom here in the French capital of Paris, a certain southwest leader Chief Ayo Opadokun was quoted as saying the Yoruba race committed a blunder for voting for Buhari in the 2015 general elections and further stated that there is no going back on correcting that mistake in the next general election.
Although the Vice-President is a Yoruba man they said Osinbajo is more or less titular or ceremonial as he only acts the script of his hegemonic master, President Buhari.
They criticized Osinbajo for not plucking up enough courage to speaking against the ills of the day and the power imbalance in under the Buhari-led administration.
His words: 
“For the fact that the South-West played a key role in the emergence of Buhari as the President, it is expected that they would occupy a more strategic position than the post of vice president”, said one of the elders.
Asiwaju Bisi Adegbuyi, another prominent southwesterner and a legal luminary said there is no need brooding over the mistakes of the past. He said what the region needs to do under the existing circumstances is none other than self-determination by pulling out of Nigeria instead of symbolic representation.
“Yoruba race should know what they want. Yoruba made progress when Chief Obafemi Awolowo led us”, he said.
Speaking further they argued  that the National Assembly leadership election has given the impression that their region is not a force to reckon with politically. They faulted the President's comment on the National Conference report which Buhari said is good for the archives, one of the reasons they said expressed deep regrets and declared the President persona non grata.
Jonathan, they said, is a man they should have queued behind had they known.
Wale Okuniyi also reportedly spoke on the issue. According to reports, the pro-National Conference image maker said the emergence of the duo of Saraki and Dogara at the National Assembly amounted to attempt to emasculating the Yoruba nation in Nigeria by some hegemonic elements in the All Progressives Congress.

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