LADIES TIPS! 7 ways to arouse your even when he’s tired (Must Read)


Being intimate is an important time for two people, and making sure everything goes just right is very important. There are some tips that women need to know about men so their intimate time together is rewarding and special.

1. Men Respond To Compliments
Men are not mind readers when it comes to s*x. As a woman, is it up to you to let your partner know when everything is going right. You need to compliment the man, and things will go even better after you do.

2. Men Like To Have S*x For Pleasure
Women like to be intimate because of their love for the other person. However, though men enjoy being with the woman they love, sometimes s*x is a lot of fun in terms of pleasure as well.
Sex is not just physical love, it is a fun activity for two people to engage in. Women need to understand that men like to have s*x for the thrill and pleasure of it.

3. Men Feel Pleasure All Over Their Bodies
Women are under the mistaken impression that men can only get pleasure from their p*nis.
However, like women, men have pleasure zones that are all over their body. As a woman, you can easily get your partner in the mood in a hurry if you find some of those pleasure zones and take advantage of them.

4. Men Want To Know About Fantasies
Popular belief is that some men feel threatened about the fantasies that their wives and girlfriends have.
However, the truth is, men often find fantasies just as exciting as women. If you have a fantasy, don’t be afraid to share it with your partner, it could mean a fun night for you both.

5. Men Love Women Who Talk During S*x

Some women are silent during sex, which can be very boring to men. During intimacy with your partner, you do not have to be silent and shy.
Men want to know they are doing things right, and they also take talking as encouragement to them.

6. Men Want You To Be Honest
Women often keep things to themselves, and this is a mistake when it comes to being intimate with their partner.
Men like it when their women are honest with them about s*x. If a woman does not like something their man does, than they need to know about it because it can make their relationship a lot better.

7. Men Need S*x For A Specific Reason
Men often have busy lives, and sex is a way for them to relax at the end of a hard day. Another reason why men like s3x is that it gives them a sense of both emotionally and physical security when they share it with someone they love very much.
There are some tips that women need to know about when it comes to being intimate with the men they love. Women have a lot of misconceptions sometimes about men and the way they view s*x.
However, $ex is something special between two people, and it is also a celebration of life and love.
– First appeared on Femside


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