OMG!!! Doctors Cut Open This Man’s Stomach, Found over 20 Toothbrushes Inside (Photo + Video)


Recently, a truly bizarre and gruesome video of a man being operated in his stomach went viral online. While many of you might think “Okay, what’s new about this story? We’ve seen a lot of surgical operation footage on the internet.”, what made this clip disgustingly special is because of the things being found in the patient’s stomach.

Apparently, not 1 but more than 20 toothbrushes have been surgically removed from the inside of his belly. Now you’re wondering how in the world did those toothbrushes get there?
Warning! What you’re about to see contains graphics not suitable for all audiences, you’ve been warned.

The stomach-churning clip started with a surgeon cutting into the belly’s skin before digging inside the stomach…
And started pulling out one toothbrush at a time.
Shockingly, more than 20 toothbrushes were removed from the man’s stomach.
Here’s the mind-blowing surgical operation:
Unfortunately, there is not enough details about the footage and it is unclear why the patient had so many toothbrushes inside his gut.
One commentor suggested that the patient might be suffering from pica eating disorder, which is typically defined as the persistent ingestion of non-nutritive substances.
Another viewer added: “I sit here counting and laughing at this, but seriously he’s one of those people who can’t stop swallowing things. But can you imagine swallowing your toothbrush?”
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H/T: Sumesh Sukumaran, Mirror


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