Meet The Woman Who Lost Over 800 Pounds And Looks Absolutely Amazing Now (Photos)


At her heaviest, Mayra Rosales who at her heaviest weight weighed over 1,000 pound. 
"I was dying," Rosales told KTRK. "I don't know if you had seen pictures before you could see it in my face. I had given up in life. I was alive but not living a life."

Mayra Rosales Was Once Known As "Half-Ton Killer" is now an inspiration


Mayra Rosales faced murder felony case in 2008 for admitting to crushing her 2-year-old nephew by rolling over him. But turned out to be a lie to save her sister who struck the young boy on the head. That nickname is all that remains from her past. Mayra Rosales, 34, beat the murder case and lost over 800 pounds since then. 


Her Family Steps In To Help Her


At the height of her weight, Mayra wasn't able to do much of anything. She needed family's help just to wash herself. There was no way for her to move around on her own.


Bed Sores & Health Problems Due To Heavy Weight


Before she could do any exercise on her own, she had to get rid of some of her bulk. Without this step, she wouldn't be able to move. In order to perform the surgery, it took a dozen doctors, nurses and orderlies to move her to the operating table.


After Weight Loss


 Wow! Her journey took six years and 11 operations. In the end, Mayra lost 80% of her weight. While she would still like to lose a bit more, she's happy with her success.






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