Too Much Masturbation Can Kill You And Here Is The Proof (Must Read)


There are lots of men who are involved in one of the most pleasant activities called masturbation. While many of us accept it as something healthy that affects our mind, body, and soul in a positive way, there is a large group of people who is against it. 

There are several myths around masturbation, of course, propagated by people who choose not to do it. And I don't say all the myths are false since so many of them are turned out to be true and later became facts backed by research. According to me, masturbation in a controlled manner such that it does not hinder your daily course of life is healthy. But too mush of self-pleasuring can have major ill effects on your health.
Let us learn more about it.

1. Too much masturbation leads to addiction.

It disturbs the Dopamine level in the brain. As such masturbation is not bad for health but too much of it can lead to never ending needs.

2. It Kills your interest in everyday activities.

It kills your creativity and imaginations.

3. It leads to a decrease in Testosterone levels.

It's a vital hormone for a man and too much self-pleasuring can drastically affect the health.

4. Excessive self-pleasuring can make you look older than your age.

No one wants to look older especially if it's not due to the passage of time.







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