Achieving a consistent orgasm—or even just figuring out the best se.x positions for female orgasm—can sometimes feel like the quest to find a Happy Hour spot that doesn’t make you want to shoot yourself in the face. Although it isn’t that hard in concept, it can take a while, but once you’re there, you’ll quickly become a regular who laps up the good deals and tells all your friends about how fucking on point your neighborhood bar is. While finding the most satisfying se.x positions for reaching the Big O may not include 50 percent off appetizers, this pursuit often requires a similar time investment, trial and error, and lifeless conversations with mediocre men who want to fuck you at any Happy Hour.

This is why both in the world of se.x and post-work chilling it’s helpful to have good recommendations so you can avoid all those baskets of limp fries and desert pussy, and skip straight to the flowing oceans of good beer and orgasms. With the assistance of science and the polling of many se.xually active connoisseurs, we’ve compiled the se.xual arrangements most likely to get you off (because, I mean, that’s the whole point, right?):

1. Doggy Style
Although the name itself doesn’t inspire sensual feelings or romance (unless you REALLY like dogs), doggy-style has been consistently cited as one of the most stimulating positions for women se.xually. Apparently, having the man (or endowed woman) enter from behind effectively gets up in the G-spot which makes this position a Happy Hour for all involved. Plus, this position also allows for easy access to stimulate the clitoris. Yay!

2. Cowgirl
Who doesn’t like to have at least a little bit of power? This is absolutely the case with the Cowgirl position, in which the woman gets on top of the man and rides him into the orgasmic sunset. Getting on top puts the woman in charge of controlling the speed and depth of the thrusts, plus the position also allows for natural friction against the clit, gives your partners a chance to lay back and enjoy, and tones those arm muscles.

3. The Bridge


While this position is slightly less straightforward than the first two, the pleasure it provides makes it a true bridge to bliss. Start your boning in good ol’ missionary and then have your lover lift your hips up into a low bridge position. From there, he can grab your hips and thrust you both into transcendence. Because of this position’s ability to stimulate deep into your G-spot, it’ll hit you harder than a double tequila shot on an empty stomach.

4. Legs Over Shoulders

Who would have thought that hugging a man’s neck with your feet would have you walking on air? There are few things better than the sensation of combining novice yoga stretches and body-trembling se.x, all by laying on your back and lifting your legs onto your partner’s shoulders. The slight adjustment of the legs from missionary to shoulder-hugging manages to create an automatic depth of stimulation as well as the illusion that you are on the way to becoming a flexible dancer.

5. The Knee Straddler

To complete this quintuplet, we have a position that requires a good working knowledge of the spacial relationships of body parts—meaning, you’ve got to be extra in tune with the elegant puzzle pieces of you and your partner’s bodies in order to pull this one off. To start, the man lays on his back while the woman straddles him backwards, much like a Reverse Cowgirl except the straddle is over one of his knees rather than both of his legs. The ability to grind and find the right meeting of his body and your clitoris makes this position prime for orgasm.

If none of these positions take you to the happy place of physical and emotional catharsis, then I recommend trying my favorite se.xual position I call the Sweet Nothing, which is where I go to a quiet place in nature and avoid human beings for a minimum of eight hours.



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