Checkout The Romantic Way This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend After 10 Years Of Dating


Wow, I love this.. Talk about waking up at the right side of the bed… This lovely lady sure would have had the best day of her life from that morning she woke up to see a ring next to her.
Beautiful Adenike woke up to a ring by her bed side, and it was at that moment, her boyfriend of 10 years, Oluwaseun, popped the almighty question.
The ecstatic bride-to-be took to her social media page to reveal how he proposed… saying theirs won’t be a story like Angelina and Brad Pitt… Oh! The mockery Brangelina!

“I was only 17 when I met you Oluwaseun, I knew little or nothing about love, you taught me to love, you groomed me from the little girl I was to the beautiful woman I have become today. We have gone through the ups and down together,when people called their girlfriends sweet pet names, you call me “baby terror” lol. I know I’m very annoying but still you chose me. It’s been 10 sweet years with you and everyday seem like we just started dating yesterday. Today that you have taken the bold step and asked me to be your wife, I promise to love you till death do us part. Even though i always brag that I can never be surprised when you eventually pop the question, but you still swept me off my feet. I woke up and saw my beautiful ring and taught I was dreaming had to close my eyes again to be sure it’s real .You are the best honey. If you ask me over and over YES will always be my answer. This is not going to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s kinda love. It’s going to be forever. Thank you for choosing me Oluwaseun”

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