Erotic Story: S*x in the Kitchen - Housemaid Narrates Sizzling Encounter with Her Boss


A sizzling tale of the s*xual experience by a house maid with her boss, well narrated to entertain and satisfy. (This article is rated 18+) 

Last night, he came home late, and really drunk. His pregnant wife had long fallen asleep but I was still in the kitchen, cleaning up and making a few preparations for the next day.
When he entered, he came straight to the kitchen.
"Welcome Sir," I greeted. He ignored my greeting but came to lightly rub his palm on my ass. This was not the first time, actually. He had been doing this from time to time since I started working with him and his wife a few months ago. 
I never felt the need to say anything because it never went further than that. I was sure he had intentions, but I was ready to let him know I was not interested if he ever made a move.
I lightly spanked his hand away but he simply giggled and left the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later, this time, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. I was busy making sure the counter was clean and clear of food crumbs when I glanced back and saw him. 
My eyes were immediately drawn to his very obvious erection poking through his shorts. He looked me over, taking notice of my modest grey skirt which covered my knees loosely and my black top. He turned around towards the fridge to get a bottle of water.
I returned to what I was doing, hoping he would hurry up and leave. I was almost done with the countertop when I felt his hands came to lightly settle on my waist.
"Please, stop this, I am not..." I started to say.
He made a gruff sound while moving closer towards me, causing his erection to rub against my ass. I paused when he began to move in an up and down motion, rubbing his cock against me. My mouth immediately became dry and I knew it was only a matter of time before I got aroused if he kept doing that. Bending over slightly, I pushed against him, causing him to fall back a little.
He did not expect my sudden reaction and he roughly pushed back against me, making my hips hit the edge of the counter painfully. His hands immediately went underneath my skirt where he suddenly yanked my cotton panties down and began to rub his cock against me.
I did not want to get him angry because there was no way I would come out victorious if I battled this out with him. I simply stood still, hoping he would get off on grinding against my ass like that. When he saw I had given up the fight, he pulled down his shorts and began to rub the head up and down the line dividing my ass. I stayed still, trying to fight my arousal but it was becoming a losing battle.
He brought one hand around to my front and found my hairy c*nt. He slipped a finger inside as he kept moving his cock around behind me. A moan reluctantly escaped my mouth and I started moving my hips against him, urging him on.
I felt him start to pant even harder and his d*ck throbbing against my ass. I knew he might cum soon and even though it was hard for me to admit to myself, I wanted him to cum while f*cking me and not just rubbing against me.
I quickly bent over so my open p*ssy was offered to him. As soon as I did, his cock slipped lower, finding my entrance and I pushed back, swallowing him. He was inside me in one swift move and I began to move back and forth, f*cking his throbbing hard dick. I spread my legs as far apart as possible so he has a full access and he grabbed my ass, plunging into me again and again.
I gyrated my hips against him, and he began to groan as he banged me. I was moaning even louder now, loving the way his large, thick, cock filled me and opened me up. My p*ssy lips were tightly wrapped around him and I was riding him happily. His hand on my c*nt was still there but this time, he was flicking my clit ever so gently. I began to shudder and sway lightly, cumming all around him.
He was sliding even more sweetly in my now, soaking p*ssy. Both hands gripped my ass tightly as he moved as deeply as possible. I let him take over and he continued pushing in and out in a faster, more urgent pace. He let out a deep moan while giving me three quick, hard thrusts and began to convulse as his cum spilled inside me.
When he finally withdrew, he pulled up his shorts, and leaving me exposed, bent over and satisfied, he went to bed.
Credits: Hot Pulse

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