Giveaway: Yay You can now win N5k here every month!....


Ofofo News is a News, gossip and entertainment blog in Nigeria… It carries current and juicy news, it covers lifestyle, politics and social issues, fashion and more!.....The good news is that every Ofofonews (Ofofo News) Blog visitor now stands a chance to win N5, 000 every month (N2, 500 each for two people….)

How to win on
All you need is to be the highest commentator of the month and also invite at least one person to the blog (the more you invite the higher your chances)
Every month, the top two highest commentators will win N2500 each don’t have to comment on every post but you stand a higher chance of winning when you comment on as many posts as you can. And then get your money transferred to your bank account…..
Unfortunately, anonymous commentators don’t stand a chance as there is no means to identify them… Just get an ID…..
So at the end of every Month, the winners will be announced, and payment will be transferred into there account.
Don't worry, the giveaway will increase over time, that we assure you, amen!

So what are you waiting for? Go to and start commenting…
Remember Invite at least one person to the blog…….
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  1. Replies
    1. yah bro is for real invite more friends bro and you see is real you may even be the lucky winner for our first time bro thanks once again without you guys we are nothing thanks.

  2. Oops, Just come accross this.. I hope am welcome?

    1. Yes bro you are really welcome bro and start earning everymonth bro remeber to tell you friends thanks for your support.
      Note: upload your picture we should notice you the first payment will be 10th of november so you may be lucky too


  3. hello soji love, how can i make an app for my website? any clue?

  4. I will join this site and be among the winners next time