“How Can I Stop My Wife From Carrying Church Matters On Her Head?”


I am not a public person but this my matter has to come to your page since I see millions of advise people give.
My wife is over doing this her church thing ever since we got married,she carries the church on her head like she has no responsibility to attend to,attends church every blessed day, fast and pray every day and denying me of sex.

Any time I try to touch her she will say the Holy Spirit will be upset, suck breast she will say her body is the temple of God,ok let me just at least suck you or just go naked let me watch you and masturbate myself to sleep, she will preach and quote all the bible verses.
The most painful part is she starves me of food too, that I should be fasting with her after a hectic day at work. This has been going on for months and I have swallowed enough, so I had to complain to her pastor, instead this man supported her and told me to allow her work for the lord and get her reward.

I have decided to call her parents to demand for my bride price since she is married to Jesus and get myself a wife.

I have not said she should not serve God but even the bible says too much of every thing is bad. I don’t want to cheat on her because she is very aggressive with prayers and she can pray down my destiny so it’s better I call of the marriage and remarry.i still need advise before I take my actions, because when I do I won’t look back.

Yes I have spoken to her, begged her,explained to her to satisfy my needs first but she will call be a distraction, I don’t want her to make heaven.
This woman was not like this when we dated, but as soon as we got married, she carried church on her head. House help will clean the house and she will go to clean church. House help will wash and sometimes cook my meal while she is in church doing what I don’t know.

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