Muslim Terrorists Capture Christian Man, Tie Him Up And Slaughter Him In Front Of His Wife And Four Children (Photos)


Muslim Terrorists went on a rampage of terror and persecution, raiding and burning Christian villages and terrorizing Christian people. Among all the horrible things that took place during this massacre was Muslims took a Christian man, tied him up an then slaughtered him in front of his wife and children:

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Boko Haram insurgents killed at least two people yesterday when they attacked the Christian villages of Kuburumbula and Boftari in the Chibok area of Nigeria’s turbulent northeast. In addition to yesterday’s murders, Boko Haram militants also burned homes, vandalized shops, and destroyed various food products in the market square.
Gunmen first invaded Kuburumbula, a Christian majority village, causing the villagers to scatter. In the confusion, insurgents killed Nkekina Lalai, a Christian man, before the Nigerian military arrived to defeat the gunmen.
Later, insurgents attacked Boftari, another Christian majority village. During the attack, the insurgents caught Mallum Tela Madu, another Christian man, as he was attempting to escape. According to locals, the gunmen dragged Madu back into the village, tied him up with a rope, and “slaughtered” him in front of his wife and children. (source, source)
Christian persecution at the hand of Islam is on the rise across the world. Once upon a time, the West was safe but thanks to mass immigration and the irresponsible, dangerous decisions of the last 50 years, what was once far away is now in our own backyards.
There are no more places to go. There is no free space to run to. Persecution is coming fast, and the decision that we continually talk about still remains- will you stand and continue to call yourself a Christian, even if the Muslims threaten to torture you to death in front of your own family? Will you be ready to endure to the very end, regardless of the cost?
As a gold refiner places gold into furnace to purify it, so is a great fire sweeping down upon the dead wood of Western civilization, and it is going to burn strong. Prepare yourself because if you choose to endure, by the grace of God this may be the purification that will lead to eternal life. If not, and you choose to be part of the dead wood, then this fire is just the beginning…

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