4 things to do at night to have sweet S3@.x:’ in the morning


Morning org@.$ms are so good, especially when its “cums” in the morning, here is how it can be better
Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one but there are some opinons that we can mostly agree on. I said most of us, not all of us. This brings me to morning S3@.x:’, don’t we all love it, especially when it ends with org@.$m. It certainly makes the day better.

This post is directly main at the ladies, because I know guys can be ready for S3@.x:’ at the last convenient moment. S3@.x:’ for ladies depends a lot on the mind, the mind has to be right for it to be a wonderful experience. If you’re a lady and you love the early morning org@.$m.

Here are a few tips of things to do in the night that will have an awesome effect on your morning S3@.x:’ compiled by Zara Barrie, Elite Daily

The first time I ever had a morning org@.$m, I was astonished at how mind-blowing it was. The org@.$m was so acutely intense, it exploded inside my body, leaving me feeling a little afraid that the floorboards would crack open from my wild org@.$m vibrations.

But sometimes, morning S3@.x:’ can be embarrassing. Your breath reeks, you’re usually wearing really unS3@.x:’y sweatpants and you can’t decide whether it’s more awkward to take your gross, fleece socks off or leave them on.

“There are no org@.$ms, like morning org@.$ms, honey. ”

Personally, I’ve had every kind of awkward morning S3@.x:’ in the book. I’ve had it hungover with leftover tequila breath, and I’ve had it in Hello Kitty PJs (which is just gross and wrong on a plethora of levels). Lucky for you, after a decade of trial and error, I think I’ve mastered exactly what you need to do the night before you want to have HOT AF morning S3@.x:’:

1. Invest in some super S3@.x:’y underwear.

You can never go wrong with this one. On the bright side, it makes you look super and it turns him on as well. Think of it like killing two birds with one stone. if you want to have morning S3@.x:’, expensive, lace undies are a necessary evil. The cheap panties you buy are usually made of cheap fabrics that make your V@.g!na smell funky by the time morning hits.

2. Sleep in braids.

It just makes sense, your hair looks way tidier like this. I have this illustrious fantasy that I have luscious, tangle-free hair. Sometimes, my hair even looks that way before I go to bed. But every morning, I wake up with a tangled, disgusting lion’s mane, and so do you, girl. Let’s not kid ourselves: We don’t want bae to pull our hair when it’s a hot mess.

3. Sleep in only a sheer muscle tank and your new super S3@.x:’y underwear.

The going to bed S3@.x:’y and waking up S3@.x:’y doesn’t get old especially when you dress right to bed.You want to sleep looking S3@.x:’y, but not so S3@.x:’y that it looks like you’re trying too hard. Repeat after me, kittens: S3@.x:’y is effortless. S3@.x:’y is effortless. SEXY IS EFFORTLESS.

4. Wear designer perfume to bed.

A nice scent to hit the sack with hasn’t hurt anybody, wearing perfume to bed is one for to-do list. I always wear perfume to bed in hopes that I have S3@.x:’y morning S3@.x:’. And a delicious scent is the way to make S3@.x:’ even S3@.x:’ier. So don your entire body in your favorite fragrance before bed. And don’t forget to give yourself an extra few spritzes so it lasts (and, of course, a little spritz in the crotch, babes).


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