Drama as Two Prostitutes Beat Man to Stupor After He Refused to Pay for Threesome S*x (Photos)


It was a show of shame for a man who allegedly slept with two prostitutes and refused to pay their agreed sum as he was disgraced in public.

Two prostitutes on Monday morning gave a man the beating of his life after he refused to pay them after a threesome s*x. The incident which happened in Zimbabwe was witnessed by many people who came out to view the show.

According to reports in Zimbabwe, the unidentified man dressed in all black was floored and beaten up by the two women who shoved him, attracting the attention of onlookers.

A source who witnessed the who incident revealed that the man refused to pay for s*x after engaging the two prostitutes in a threesome.
”You know I don’t know why men always act like this, he hired one of the ladies and he now refuses to pay for whatever he was offered.

”He came to the house last night and it seems like he spent the whole night there and now he is refusing to pay. What do you expect these ladies to do after they have played their part?” the source said.

In a video clip of the incident, the two women are seen dragging and beating the man with stones, open hands and booted feet. An unidentified woman who is believed to be a friend to the two ladies tried to restrain them but they could not take any of that. One of the hookers is seen in the clip pulling the man’s privates while the other one would not stop attacking him. The man however was heard saying that he had paid for everything but it was the two women who had followed and called him to their house.

”They are the ones who followed and called me back to their house after l left.I did not want to attack them but they are the ones who started the attack,“ the source added.

”This is not over and I’m going to seek revenge.

”They were just after making a scene and they have succeeded but this is not over. Even if I get (published) in the newspaper I don’t care because they have humiliated me.” the source further said.

The owner of the house, who refused to be named, said she chased the man away from her place of residence but he came back.

”I chased him away but it seems he does not understand and I don’t know why he returned.

”Now he is injured, if only he had listened to me when I chased him away this could not have happened,” she said. The man is also said to be the one who started assaulting one of the women while they were still in the house.

”He is the one who started the fight while they were still in the house and now he is the one who is on the receiving side.

”These women are dangerous and they were baying for blood, “ one of the neighbours said.

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