I Must Infect 200 Men With HIV A Lady Vows On Social Media


A woman who is HIV positive has vowed that she is going to infect as many randy men as possible because a man she trusted raped her and infected her with the virus.
The lady who says she has successfully infected six men, says she is on a revenge mission and men who gets to sleep with her will surely get the disease.
According to a Facebook message she exchanged with the latest victim, the lady said she is on the social media platform with a resolve to pass along the virus to as many randy men as she can get.

Apparently, she had asked the man for money to procure an abortion and the man refused, saying he had already given her some money for the purpose.
She then went ballistic and told the guy her real mission his life.

So guys, just beware of the killer on the loose.

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  1. You will not succeed with your evil planned....God will not allow you


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