Photo Of The Day: Can You Eat This Cake?


A lady posted the picture on Instagram with this question…This however has got people talking with some people saying all sort of this. See Some of the comment people made on her page: yusufficient Don’t you guyz eat it all ..
even d gross ones ( #imeanpu$$y ).. since its jxt a cake… I don’t mind I’ll eat dem all.😂😄😆😊😉✌✌✌👍👌 @theycallme_chukky ….I agree with Chukky tho, so why don’t u prove us wrong someday. Lolkittycat every where ntbrgnI‘ve never seen flowers like these, what are they called ?😊@lrrckrt mstevebrown Yeah were is the cake pls ptexzOh yes I most def wil oduyejo@modlexy do they have a modupe flavour? modlexySure! @oduyejo. See The photo above

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