Read Eyewitness Account Of What Led To The Killing Of The “7-Year-Old Boy” In Lagos


First of all the boy in question is not 7 years old as broadcasted by everyone on the Internet but a small man who is in his mid twenties. I wondered how such a person can be 7 years old. Secondly the boy is a notorious criminal who is a senior member of a gang that has being terrorizing the people of a community called Alafia in Lagos State, they have robbed many people blind, maimed, injured and even killed people including a young boy of 17 years who refuse to surrender his mobile phone to them when they attacked him, they had even throw another guy off from a bridge because he didn’t want to hand over his precious properties and money.

Thirdly those people decided to torture and kill him because they didn’t trust the police, they believed that if they handed the boy over to the police they will just detain him for sometime and then let him free after he pays some money to them, the community has handed such notorious criminals to the police in the past but they released them back into the society after some days and the criminals continued their evil activities. Finally it isn’t true that he stole ordinary garri as alleged by people but he stole expensive phones and even stabbed someone in the process, he was caught and the people decided to mete out jungle justice on him to serve as a warning to other notorious criminals like him in the area.

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