See Reasons why Your Neighbor will Love to Cheat on Your wife


It is no longer news that some men just like to cheat on their partners and engaging in promiscuous activities. These are some of the reasons why they do.

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There are as many rationalizations for cheating with a neighbor’s wife. Some people feel trapped in a sexually unsatisfying relationship due to children or financial pressures. Others are just addicted to the thrill of s*x with a new partner.

Cheating may not conform to modern social expectations of marriage, but the natural urge to stray does speak to the carnal beast in us all that is impulsive, instinctual and insatiable.

What follows are reasons responsible for the rampant case of men having sex with their neighbor’s wife.

1. Easy to get away with the operation:

Nigerian men find it easy to tell lies with the situation. They can tell their wives they went over to the neighbor’s house for a drink. No eyebrows will be raised. The wife won’t suspect anything can happen so close.

2. No need for Facebook or text messages:

Nigerian men don’t need Facebook or phones for the operation. Their neighbor’s wife is close by. No need for voice mails or text messages, which could give men away in the long run. They don’t need elaborate preparations to hide the cheating. It is a very convenient arrangement for them. They can just slip into their neighbor’s house.

3. In case, their neighbor find them at home, Nigerian men bluff their way out of trouble:

They can say they’ve come to visit him, only they met his wife at home. The neighbor won’t see anything wrong with such a visit. After all, neighbors live close by and must visit each other once in a while. Anything wrong with that?

4. Everyday love affair:

The good thing about cheating with a neighbor’s wife is that you see the woman every day. She’s there next door. She can flirt with you every time, even if you pretend not to want it. Of course, you enjoy it, who doesn’t. In any case, nobody will see you. Nobody will know anything is going on.

5. No romance:

Your neighbor’s wife isn’t thinking of romance, since she too has a husband. The Nigerian man isn’t thinking of romance either. It is just for a quick sexual gratification, no room for the emotional complications that arises from befriending a single. You like her breasts of your neighbor’s wife, she likes your love making. Nothing more than that.

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