SHOCKING: Abuja Big Girl Finds Worm In Her Pu**y After Collecting N500,000 (Photos)


Forgive me if I said, I do not believe this story of STD or STI, I promised to share a similar video of a Nigeria lady who also got maggots from her private part after sleeping with a politician for 500,000 Naira.
Is this also the cause of STD or STI? I am not a doctor or a gynecologist, but I believe that even a carpenter will be able to differentiate in this scenario.  People will only try to turn stories the other way around; this is a warning to all our young ladies out there.
The story of STD or STI causing this is definitely not true, please open your eyes. No other information has been gathered about this lady, maybe she’s still in the world of the living or not, as at the time of writing this report, we do not know.

In late August this year, a report was also released of a 65-year-old Lagos Landlord in Akowonjo area of Lagos State. Who was arrested for sleeping with an 11-year old girl who the parents believed it was for rituals purpose. We have also heard other stories of young ladies used for money rituals, just because they intend to make ends meet and believe me, who knows if this case is not one of those money ritualist out there?

 Is my life really worth 500,000Naira? I believe this would be the thoughts in my head if I were you.  A report in august 2014, about a young man of 28-year old, a gold dealer at Obuasi in the Ashanti region who news carried that he confessed at the Life Way Miracle Centre in Obuasi Asonkore after nemesis had caught up with him. He was said that the confessed to have had s*x with more than 183 women and used their vaginal fluid for money rituals.
My main concern is even with all these stories out there, our young ladies still fall into these evil ordeals. There are many ways to make ends meet but this is definitely not one of them.

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