Shocking! Man Caught Having S*x with Another Man’s Wife Beaten and Burnt Alive by Angry Residents


A man cheating with another man’s wife has paid the ultimate price after he was caught and burnt alive by angry residents.
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A shocking incident has left people of Zandspruit, Honeydew, north of Joburg in South Africa baffled after a cheating man was caught having s*x with another man’s wife. He was beaten and set ablaze for his sins.
According to Daily Sun ZA, the enraged husband came home and caught his wife having s*x with an unidentified. Before you know it, he started screaming, residents came running and the madness began.
The residents beat the man with anything they could lay their hands on. They used bricks, knobkerries and later set him alight. The man’s screams for mercy landed on deaf ears.
The body of the man was found in the street in Honeydew, Gauteng by residents who called the police.
His charred remains were taken to a government mortuary. The woman has been in hiding since last week and no one has been arrested yet.

“It is unfair that the man had to die like this. Why was the woman not punished,” asked one resident.

“She must also pay because she allowed the man to sleep with her.”
While speaking after the incident, some residents said the man got what he deserved. “What must the husband do? He was protecting his own kraal.

“That man was stupid to go to another man’s house and sleep with his wife,” said a resident.

“We are living in an age where people don’t respect others. I don’t feel sorry for him.”
Another resident said he knew the dead man and had warned him not to invade other men’s nests.

“He wouldn’t listen, but now look what happened to him! We are tired of home-wreckers. I would have done the same.”
Simon Kgare said his wife had cheated on him.“I was angry and I wanted to beat up her lovers but I decided to walk away. I’m happy that I made that decision. Maybe if I fought I would be in jail by now and who would raise my children?
“I decided not to ruin my life, but I know what that man went through.”
Community leader Kenneth Lekalakala said the community told him a man was on fire.

“When we got there, people refused to identify the attackers.”
A murder case has been opened at Honeydew Police Station.
Police have asked residents not to take the law into their own hands.

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