Woman wears skimpy dress to the market, then this happens (Photos)


A woman stri pped herself na ked after she was harassed by vendors and passersby who thought she was scantily clad.

A na ked woman was the centre of attention in a market in Zimbabwe recently, after she tried to prove a point to some street vendors who harassed her.

The unidentified woman, had reportedly gone to the market at the Bulawayo’s Lobengula Street area in Zimbabwe, dressed in a very short dress. Someone who didn’t like her appearance then poured water on her, while the others jeered at her for her appearance.

The woman became very angry and proceeded to take off her clothes (und erwears inclusive), all the while shouting back at her oppressors.

In typical fashion when things like this happen, onlookers brought out their phones to capture the moment, and eventually shared the pictures on social media.

One Twitter user justified the woman’s actions by saying:

“This woman had a very short skirt, people said she was nude. Then somebody splashed water on her. Then she showed them nude (Egodini, Byo).”

What do you think about her actions?


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